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Wildfowling on the Solway Firth

Gretna Wildfowlers Association control the shooting from Gretna up to Browhouses and also part of the English side, Guards, Bells Marshes and also Rockcliffe Marsh which can only be accessed by boat.

The main quarry is Mallard, Teal, Widgeon, Pintail, Pinkfoot Geese, Greylags, and Canada Geese. We also have a large population of Barnacle Geese, which are protected; year 2001 unofficial count on Rockcliffe was at most 17,000 Barnacles. The whole of the inner Solway is classed as a SSSI, we as a club manage and control the shooting with conservation in mind.
Wildfowling on the Solway Firth
Wildfowling on the Solway Firth
The late Sir Peter Scott (who was son of Scott of the Antarctic) wildlife artist and conservationist used to make frequent visits to the Solway Firth on wildfowling expeditions. He used to net catch the Pinkfoot geese around this area, in his later years he gave up wildfowling and turned to conservation, he is the founder of Caerlaverock and all the wildlife and wetland trusts round the county.
Wildfowling consists of getting up before daybreak and going onto the foreshore and waiting for the ducks and geese flying from the shore inland to feed and vice versa on a night flight.
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