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Gretna Football Club

Gretna Football Club

Until recently, Gretna was the only Scottish club playing in the English leagues, FA Cup and FA Trophy. Queen of the South helped establish the club in 1946 to play in the Dumfriesshire Junior League.

The decision to head south was made only a year after the club was formed in 1947 to cut travelling and cost, playing in the Carlisle and District League. Incentives offered to ambitious teams through the pyramid system offered them the lure of climbing up the ladder.
Gretna Football Club
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Perhaps their most memorable moment was in 1993 when they faced Bolton Wanderers in the FA Cup, but they were narrowly beaten 2-0.

For the past 10 years Gretna have played in the Unibond League and in the 2000 - 2001 season secured their second best-ever finish with their reserve squad making a mark on the South of Scotland League in their first year
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