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The World Famous Old Blacksmiths Shop

The World Famous Old Blacksmith's Shop Centre, Gretna Green

A prestigious visitor attraction the site has been built around the original Blacksmith's Shop. It is from within these very walls that the legend of the Anvil emerged. It is the charm of this little building that has captured the imagination of generations since the first run-away weddings back in 1754. Now a fascinating exhibition, you are touched by the atmosphere as you pass through these narrow walls and low ceiling. As you enter you will hear the echoes of the young lovers voices as they dash towards the Old Blacksmith's Shop.
The Blacksmith's Shop Gretna<br>
The Blacksmith's Shop
"'The Gretna Green Story Exhibition reveals a fascinating chapter in social history. Why did people run-away here? What happened when the angry relatives caught up with the eloping couple? When they returned home, were people punished for marrying this way? Intriguing questions.. . the answers can be found when you step back into Gretna Green's past. The story unfolds through a collection of audio and audio-visual displays along with memorabilia and artefacts from the hey-day of run-away weddings. The push button displays situated along the route of the exhibition bring the story to life as characters re-enact a part of Gretna Green's past.
Admission to the Gretna Green Story Exhibition is 2.50 for adults and 2.00 concessions

A showcase for UK Manufacturing - The Tartan Shop

Don't be deceived by the title of this delightfully unusual emporium, which from the outside has all the charm of a quaint little shop overlooking the picturesque Sculpture Garden. In fact a vast shopping area extends in front of you.

As you enter you are met by an array of colour and designs in the knitwear department; bright tartan garments and clan goods follow through to the luxurious cashmere goods, luxury foods and the china and crystal departments. Many gift ideas are on a display from traditional souvenirs to St Andrews gift range and cuddly toys such as Beanie Babies. All garments are manufactured in the UK and most of the gift ideas are also UK manufactured with the odd exception.

The Tartan Shop is internationally renowned for its dedication to offering visitors a wide choice of quality goods. Many commentators have referred to the Tartan Shop as "Scotland's largest independent collection of merchandise". It is this independence as a family retailer that makes this a unique and special shopping experience.

The Tartan Information Centre:

Sir Walter Scott, the famous Scots writer ignited our imagination and a fascination for the colourful plaids worn by our Scots ancestors. Now people the world over seek to discover their clan roots and the tartan that unites them - the symbol of their individuality. Discover your clan roots by exploring the easy to operate computerised service available in the Tartan Shop. To complement the heraldry certificate you will discover a myriad of goods produced in your family tartan or with your clan crest.

Enjoy a meal while you visit

Light snacks and meals with ingredients especially selected to reflect the diversity of local and Scottish produce are prepared on site within the Old Smithy Restaurant and Cafe Ecosse. The Arts and Crafts Centre and Children's Play Park complete a visit.

The World Famous Old Blacksmith's Shop Centre is open all year round, seven days a week from 9am and opens until early evening during the summer months.

www. - browse the site for historical facts and images of Gretna Green. Discover how to marry in the Old Blacksmith's Shop. Scottish Shopping Online - catalogue of UK manufactured clothing and goods with online ordering/credit card sales facilities.
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