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Gretna Area Business Forum
About Gretna Area Business Forum

Our Vision

Gretna Area Business Forum was formed in the wake of the foot and mouth outbreak.
Our vision for the future is a community with a robust economy and a healthy thriving and enterprising population.
The Forum welcomes all businesses in the Gretna Area to attend our meetings that take place on the first Wednesday of each month in the Richard Greenhow Centre, Central Avenue, Gretna at 7.30pm and look forward to welcoming you there.
Gretna Area Business Forum
The key objectives of The Gretna Area Business Forum include:-
  • To promote and facilitate the economic, social, physical and environmental well-being of the inhabitants of Gretna area
  • To regenerate and revitalise the economic, social, and cultural life of the township of Gretna and its surrounding area
  • To enhance and reinforce people's pride and confidence in their own community
  • To develop and manage a phased programme of local action in partnership with the appropriate local, regional and national bodies and agencies.
  • To capitalise on Gretna Area's existing strengths, identify and exploit future opportunities for employment and economic growth
  • To support agricultural development and/ or diversification in the Gretna Area
  • To create a common website for Gretna Area  businesses and Gretna Area community, promoting the Gretna Area as a good place to live, to visit and to do business.
Over the last year key projects have been developed and implemented the main aim being to benefit the Gretna Area community both economically and socially.
  • Gretna Area Website
  • Facelift Scheme in Gretna's Central Avenue
  • Gretna Area Valentine's Celebration
  • Gretna Area Business Survey
  • Gretna Area Visitors Survey
  • Develop the Gretna Area Action Plan (GAAP)
  • Leaflet about the Gretna Area (40,000 will be distributed in key locations to encourage visitors to the area)
  • Walking leaflet to be available for the Gretna Area by mid summer (2003)
  • The Gretna Area, A great place for business
    The work of the Gretna Area Business Forum is ongoing and new projects as identified in the Gretna Area Action Plan are being worked on. We hope to build on these solid foundations over the next 12 months to stimulate economic and social development in the Gretna Area and call on you to take part in helping us achieve this.
    Contact Information
    Craig Peacock
    Gretna & District Initiative
    The Richard Greenhow Centre
    Central Avenue
    Dumfries & Galloway
    DG16 5AQ

    Telephone: 01461 338295
    Fax: 01461 338295
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